Saturday, December 21, 2013

Maleece La Ti Da!!

A:  Mommy, did you know Maleece La Ti Da is a Christmas song?  It says, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas…

Me:  Yes, but it's Feliz Navidad…

A:  Maleece Body Bod??

Me:  FA-leece  Navidad.

A:  Fa-leece da-de-da??

Me:  Fa-leece Nah-vee-dah-d

A:  Maleece Ba-de-dah??

Me:  Just go….

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A new outlet

I miss full nights of sleep.
I miss eating whatever I want and still being able to zip my jeans.
I miss writing.

The first two I can blame on becoming mommy-fied/old.   The last one too, but mainly because I got lazy. (Ok, so laziness also probably plays into the jeans-not-zipping part too, but I digress…)


And cue my triumphant return to blogging…

After trying to remember the location of the last blog, and googling "likeadonut", I found it.
I also found some not-so-nice innuendos.  Oy.
Kind of like that time I was about to go on short-term disability for maternity leave.
So I decided to google it from my computer.
At work.
Except I shortened "short-term disability" to "STD".
There are probably some guys in IT still giving me the side-eye.

I decided it was time for a name change.  Because people that are googling "like a donut" don't seem from the search results to be the type that would enjoy my ridiculous antics.
Unless they're the kind of people that are just as bad as I am at googling.